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Build Meth Labs

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Build Meth Labs


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Documentation :

bbv-methworks allows players to build & upgrade their own meth labs. You can build meth labs using different items like Fridges, Generators, Meth Tables etc. Labs can be build everywhere or only places set by your server developer. All Labs parts require electricity that you have to produce using generators.

Tables & Fridges Upgrades have different levels (3 by default, you can add more). Different level tables can be modified to be faster that regular, have lower Fire and Explosion chance or produce better items.

Fire & Explosions All equipment has configurable chance after fail to catch fire or explode. Better level tables can have lower or higher chance of fire or explosion. If you table catches fire there is chance that it will explode and be destroyed and lost forever.

Generators & Electricity   If you want to use any of your equipment you will need a Generator, Generators require 1 fuel and will fuel the generator for **X** amount of seconds. After the time runs out or the generator is removed you need to refill it again. 

Features :

* Support for major **Frameworks (QB/ESX/QBX) |  Targets (QB/OX/BT)**

* All tables are saved after script or server restart.

* All tables and generators (fuel) is synced between players.

* Add & Modify tables (you can create new tables, change their props speed and more).

* You can modify table requirements, output, speed & difficulty. Higher level equipment. can produce better items.

* Crafting Required Electricity.

* Tables can be removed only by their owner or selected jobs, it can also be removeable by everyone if set in the config.

* Ready Items & Images.

* Optimized & Exploit detection.

**🚧Fails :** 

Configurable minigames difficulty & time.

After fail your table can fire (Configurable).

After fail & your table catching fire there is chance for the table to explode and be destroyed.

Video Preview