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Chop Shop


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Welcome to our advanced Vehicle ChopShop! Here, you use a special scanner to grab the key signal of the car you want to chop. After chopping the vehicle for parts and scrapping those parts for materials, you can then utilize those materials for other purposes. there are guard dogs protecting the vehicles, so it's advisable to bring a friend for assistance.

**Features :**

| Optimized and easy to configure.

| Support for QB/OX/BT Target

| Support for QS/CD/PS Dispatch

| Support for QB/OX Inventory

| Configure Required Cops & Cooldown

| Add multiple Start Job locations

| Configurable Minigame (Hack) Settings

| Random Location/Vehicle & Chop location very time

| Scrap the parts for materials with configurable rewards 

| Add Guards dogs to protect the vehicles

| Automatic prop for scrapping parts that can be disabled.

| & much more...